Monday, 4 March 2013

Patchwork nails

I saw some patchwork nails on Instagram (I'm a little obsessed with IG at the moment lol!!) by @shunzaza and thought I'd try it myself! I did a totally different design with a blue colour theme :)

I used Barry M denim, China Glaze splish splash and Rimmel metal rush in royal blue for the base, I used a striping brush to apply it in random places on each nail :) then I added details usin NYC water street blue, nails inc all saints road and Barry M blueberry I've cream :) then I added the stitching using Barry M black and a striping brush :) then I matted it!! Of course lol! Can I just mention now how much I am in love with Barry M denim mattified!! It's gorgeous!!!

I only managed to get one half decent picture of this mani lol, here it is!

Thanks for reading!

C x

Slipknot nails!!!

I've had the idea to do a mani based on one of my favourite bands for ages! So I finally did it!!
I started out wanting to do the slipknot 'S' on my middle nail but it totally failed!!! So I decided to do all four nails based on their masks, and a pentagram on my thumb :D

Index finger - Joey Jordison (best drummer in the entire world)
Middle finger - Craig Jones (sampler)
Ring finger - Mick Thompson (guitarist)
Little finger - Shawn Crahan (percussion, backing vocals)

What do you think?

C x

Paint drip nails

Hey! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, university is crazy at the moment!!
I did these nails a while ago so I thought I'd share :)
I used quite a few colours for this, so if you'd like to know any specific name/brand please comment and ill do my best to remember :)
I started of painting my nails 5 different dark colours, then when that had dried I chose the same colours in a lighter shade and used a dotting tool and small brush to paint on the drips. When that had dried I outlined the drips and painted on details in black :)
then I played around with the finish.

I firstly had a shiny finish,

then made only the drips matte,

then matted the whole thing!

I prefer the fully matted one personally, how about you?

Thanks for reading :)
C x