Monday, 4 March 2013

Patchwork nails

I saw some patchwork nails on Instagram (I'm a little obsessed with IG at the moment lol!!) by @shunzaza and thought I'd try it myself! I did a totally different design with a blue colour theme :)

I used Barry M denim, China Glaze splish splash and Rimmel metal rush in royal blue for the base, I used a striping brush to apply it in random places on each nail :) then I added details usin NYC water street blue, nails inc all saints road and Barry M blueberry I've cream :) then I added the stitching using Barry M black and a striping brush :) then I matted it!! Of course lol! Can I just mention now how much I am in love with Barry M denim mattified!! It's gorgeous!!!

I only managed to get one half decent picture of this mani lol, here it is!

Thanks for reading!

C x

Slipknot nails!!!

I've had the idea to do a mani based on one of my favourite bands for ages! So I finally did it!!
I started out wanting to do the slipknot 'S' on my middle nail but it totally failed!!! So I decided to do all four nails based on their masks, and a pentagram on my thumb :D

Index finger - Joey Jordison (best drummer in the entire world)
Middle finger - Craig Jones (sampler)
Ring finger - Mick Thompson (guitarist)
Little finger - Shawn Crahan (percussion, backing vocals)

What do you think?

C x

Paint drip nails

Hey! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, university is crazy at the moment!!
I did these nails a while ago so I thought I'd share :)
I used quite a few colours for this, so if you'd like to know any specific name/brand please comment and ill do my best to remember :)
I started of painting my nails 5 different dark colours, then when that had dried I chose the same colours in a lighter shade and used a dotting tool and small brush to paint on the drips. When that had dried I outlined the drips and painted on details in black :)
then I played around with the finish.

I firstly had a shiny finish,

then made only the drips matte,

then matted the whole thing!

I prefer the fully matted one personally, how about you?

Thanks for reading :)
C x

Friday, 22 February 2013

Winnie the Pooh nails!!

I'm so proud of these nails!! Usually I change my polish quite often but these have been on since Tuesday night!!
I saw some Winnie the Pooh nails on Instagram by @naniekie and knew I had to try them as I LOVE Winnie the Pooh! My whole family is literally obsessed!! We even have our own characters! I'm eeyore lol! :D
Anyways, on to the nails!!!

(P.s this is the first time blogging from my phone so sorry if it doesn't come out quite right!!)

(This is the only one i have that shows my thumb! sorry its blurry lol!)

What do you think?


C x

First leopard print nails


Today is all about Leopard print!! This is the first leopard print mani i have tried and i'm pretty pleased with how they came out :D

I used a dotting tool and various polishes for this mani, the pink and purple were part of a set I picked up in Primark! The base is Barry M matt white (to make the pink pop!) and the black is Barry M black. 

Not too shabby if I do say so myself :D 

What do you think?

Thanks :D
C x

water marble fail = win


Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, uni is a bit crazy at the moment! I update my instagram much more frequently so why not follow me on there? username @trashedandlacquered :D

Anywhoo, these nails started off as a water marble but that totally failed! Seems to be a theme on this blog lol!! I'm sooo jealous of anyone who can water marble!!
So I decided that I would play around with the polish in the water, as mine wasn't spreading as it should, and I came up with this pretty cool design :)

I actually think my right hand turned out better than my left!

(btw my camera's playing up a bit and i couldn't get a great picture on my phone :( sorry!)

I've also done a sort of tutorial in case you wanted to have a go :)

1- Paint your nails a base colour. I used a make-up sponge to create a 4 square gradient. (the blue and purple kinda blended too much lol) tape around your nails to reduce the amount of cleanup at the end
2- Drop some polish into a cup of water
3- I used slightly colder water so the polish wouldn't spread like it does for normal water marbling.
4- Start in the middle of the polish, using a toothpick swirl the polish around 
5 & 6- Keep swirling until you are happy with the design

7- Dip your finger into the part of the design you like the best
8- Remove the excess polish from the water using a toothpick
9- Using a cotton bud and a brush, clean the excess polish from your around your nail
10- Add a topcoat and you're done :D

If you have any questions about this please feel free to ask :D

C x

Friday, 15 February 2013

Skittles gradient dotticure

Hey :D

So I've seen loads of nails based around valentines day, and as I fail at hearts and roses, I decided to do a gradient dotticure. I saw a picture of this design ages ago but cant for the life of me remember where I found it! If you know please let me know! 
The dots aren't placed as neatly as I'd have liked as I had a major case of the shakes (due to my medication, not anything dodgy lol)

Here they are anyway :)

I used a base of Barry M matt white, and looads of different colours for the dots (if you want to know the name of any of the colours then let me know and ill do my best to remember lol)

What do you think of these nails?


C x

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tribal nails

I feel a bit like a bus today (not in the sense that I'm large and red, but I don't post for ages and then two come along at once! lol)

Again, these nails started off as something completely different! I wanted to try a patchwork heart mani a la These beautiful nails by pink and polished however, once again I completely failed!!! It was a complete disaster!! So I decided to try something that I'd wanted to do for ages, tribal nails!

I didn't really follow any specific guidance for these nails, just did a quick google search and got the general idea of lines, colours and dots, and this is what I came up with :)


They're sooo not perfect but for a first attempt I'm pretty pleased with them :)

I used a base of Barry M white (two coats), then used a striping brush to do lines of Essie fear & desire, Barry M spring green, NYC lexington yellow and George (at asda) superhero. then added black details with Barry M black.

What do you think?

Thanks :D 

C x

Valentines fail...

Hey! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been (and still am) really ill with a chest infection :( bad times! But you don't want to hear about my illnesses, so I'll get on to the nails!!

I was going for a different look when I started these nails. I wanted a gradient background with  hearts and roses, however I completely fail at art, so the roses looked like splodges and the hearts looked like butts! Haha! so I went for stripes instead. They're kind of valentine's related as they're pink (that counts.. right??)

I used Rimmel pop your pink and Essie cascade cool for the gradient (my first Essie!! I picked up three Essie polishes at TK maxx for 9.99, which I was sooo pleased with!) and then used a striping brush and Barry M matt white for the stripes.

What do you think?

Thanks :D

C x

Thursday, 7 February 2013

To infinity...

...and beyond!!

Today I've done a galaxy mani :) its my first attempt and I'm quite pleased with the results :)
I followed This Youtube tutorial by cutepolish (who has some AMAZING videos! go check her out!!!) but I changed the colours

I really don't like the cross/star on my ring finger lol

My favourite nail is my thumb :)

I used two coats of Barry M black as a base, then used a tiny bit of make up sponge to sponge on (in order) Sally Hansen calypso blue, NYC in a New York Color Minute prince street, Barry M berry ice cream, Barry M bright pink, Rimmel Metal Rush pearly queen, Barry M matt white, then a few dots using a toothpick and a dotting tool in Barry M matt white, followed by a coat of Rimmel disco ball, and all topped off with sally Hansen insta-dri :)

Right hand (not as good as my left lol! It never is!!)

Overall, quite pleased with this mani :) will definitely be doing this one again!!

What do you think?

Thanks :)

C x

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Green Gradient

Hey peeps :)
Today I have a green matte gradient with a splash of glitter :)
I've never used glitter with a matte top coat before, but I like it!!
on to the nails...

You can see on my thumb where I haven't blended it enough, there are noticeable lines which I don't like :( I painted the polish straight onto the sponge so that may have something to do with it..

I used a base of Sally Hansen green tea, then sponged on Sally Hansen fairy teal and Barry M gelly watermelon (such an amazing colour!!!) followed by an unnamed silver glitter and a top coat of Rimmel Matte finish top coat

Also excuse the horrible dry-ness, this cold weather/ super hot central heating is not a good combo for cuticles! I'm going shopping at the weekend so I may have to pick up some lush lemony flutter as I've heard great things :)

What do you think of this look?

C x

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Pink and Fluffy

I wasn't 100% happy with these nails, but here they are...
I used my new stamping plate, I still haven't got the hang of stamping lol!!
The ring finger is covered in flocking powder :) which I LOVE!
The gradient was done using 3 Barry M pinks - Bright pink, Strawberry ice-cream and Shocking pink

What do you think?

Thanks :)

C x

Fluffy trees

I ordered some stuff from Light in the Box and it came through today!! Flocking powder, stamping plates, nail art pens and 3D bows :D 
So I tried out the stamping plates... basically a fail... you can see my attempt Here on my Instagram. Definitely  need more practice lol
But the flocking powder?!?! OMG I LOVE IT!!
So easy to use and it looks amazing!!
I decided to do some nail art with the flocking powder, and started off with a base of Barry M denim, its Sooo lovely!! dark blue with a gorgeous silver shimmer, sooo pretty!!!
Then I used acrylic paint and a striped brush to make the tree trunk, and used a dotting tool to make the shape of the tree tops. While that was wet I used tweezers to apply the flocking powder, pushed it down so it stuck, then used a smaller dotting tool to create some apples with red polish :)

I'm really loving flocking powder! so many possibilities!! 

What do you think?


C x

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Stripes and Glitter

So I'm actually a little bit in love with these nails!
When I first got striping tape I had absolutely no idea what to do with it lol!! Now I know all of the possibilities I love using it!!
I used two coats of Nails inc. marylebone as the base of this mani and I cant describe how much I love this polish!!!
Here it is on its own

My hands look yellow, lol, but you can see the pinky/purple-ness of the glitter best in this one:

Look at all that glittery goodness!!

I wore this on a night out last night and decided to add some nail art today

I used Sally Hansen insta-dri in uptempo plum

and left hand:

What do you think?
Which nail is your favourite?


C x