Thursday, 31 January 2013

Nails inc. dotticure

Yesterday I posted about my Nails inc. haul, so I thought I'd show you what I got :)

The miniature ones were a freebie for spending over 25 pounds :) the hand lotion was half price and the set of  polishes were reduced from 35 to 20! These are my first nails inc. polishes and I'm pretty impressed :) and I do love a bargain :D

I decided to use two of my miniature ones for this mani, hyde park corner and green park

I started off with two coats of green park on all nails except my ring finger, which is two coats of hyde park corner, then used my dotting tool to create a strip of dots down one side of the nail :)
 I also used striping tape to keep the lines neat 

Still need a bit of practice with the dotting tool lol!

And because I'm obsessed with all things matte at the moment, here they are mattified!

Loving this colour combo :)

What do you think?
C x

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Blog name change

I've changed the name of my blog!!

When I decided to start a blog I had NO idea what to call it so I called it the first thing that came to me and was available... polish and sparkles.
I know, its pants
So I was listening to a bit of Avenged sevenfold, and inspiration hit! And so Trashed and Lacquered is born (after the song trashed and scattered)

I've also got a new camera (I was using my iPhone before) so hopefully the pictures will be better quality from now on :)

Anyways, on to the nails :)

I got this Barry M foil effects polish in silver at the weekend, so thought I'd try it out :)
I painted two coats of Barry M black, then mattified it using Rimmel matte top coat, then started playing around with the striping brushes and silver foil polish.

I don't really like the results but I'm pretty new to all of this, and hopefully I'll improve over time :)

So I took that one off pretty quickly, and decided to whack out the Nails inc. haul I got at the weekend (6 full size polishes, three miniatures, a miniature top coat, nail file and hand cream, all in the sale :D)

Two coats of Nails inc. the thames, and two coats of Barry M black on ring finger, both followed by Rimmel Matte finish top coat

This is the first Grey in my collection and  love it!! I'm also a teeny bit obsessed with the matte look at the moment lol!! 

It got too late to start doing nail art, so that's it for today :) 

Thanks :)
C x

Monday, 28 January 2013

Gradient rainbow stripes

I was having a look at chalkboard nails and the 31 day challenge nails she had done this year, and two of her entries inspired me to create these nails. I loved the stripes down the sides in this post and the rainbow gradient in this post, so I decided to combine the two :)

I have also bought a matte top coat, so I thought I'd try them matte-y-fied (is that a word? it is now lol) and I think I prefer it matte!!

I used the technique on chalkboard nails for the gradient, then once that was dry I used striping tape to mark off the edges and pained them black :)

The colours I used were NYC spring street (orange), NYC lexington yellow, NYC water street blue and Barry M spring green, then Barry M black for the edges and a topcoat of Rimmel matte finish.

Just be careful when removing the tape, I was on my second to last nail, removing the tape and it flicked over and smudged onto my index nail on my left hand :( it was really late as well so I didn't have time to fix it and its been bugging me all day!!

What do you think?

C x

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunburst Tutorial

So I thought I'd try my hand at a tutorial!
I had this idea when I was feeling low about the horrible weather we're having in England at the moment. I wanted something that would brighten up my nails and remind me of summer, and what better than a sunburst!
Hopefully the sun will take a hint and come out!! 
So I was doing the nails and decided to take pictures of each stage, so why not make a tutorial out of it?
Here goes :)

This is everything I used:

Firstly paint your nails yellow (I used NYC lexington yellow)
When that's dry, add an orange gradient (I used NYC spring street) I use the tutorial by The Nailasaurus to do my gradient :)

When that was dry I added a yellow glitter (Revlon pineapple fizz- and it's scented!)

Then I added striping tape in a sunburst design from the side of my nail,  
(make sure you press the tape flush to your nail, I didn't press it down hard enough on my little finger and the blue polish bled under the tape!)
Then a layer of blue (Barry M blueberry ice-cream) peel the tape off while the blue is still wet. This stage happens quite quickly so I couldn't get a picture.

Clean up cuticles and around the nail, add a topcoat when its fully dry to prevent the lines from blurring, I added a yellow rhinestone to the centre of the sunburst while the topcoat was still wet, and that's it!!

(I'm having a bit of trouble trying to get the pictures the right way round!!!! does anyone have any advice?)
What do you think?
Let me know if you try this design, I'd love to see them!!!

C x

Friday, 25 January 2013

Blue splodge

These nails started out as something else but I like what I ended up with :)

I was going to do splatter nails, but didn't really do much research, I like trial and error as I think it makes the process more fun :) so I was trying to splatter some thinned out polish onto my nail but ended up splodging the paint on instead, so I just went with it!
I used Revlon top speed in royal, then Splodged on three Sally Hansen's; Green tea, Fairy teal and Ballet rouges

What do you think?
C x

Dots and triangles

I saw this post  over at Lucy's stash and thought I'd try it out, whilst trying to make it a bit different. Not sure I like the result to be honest, I much prefer Lucy's original!
Anyways, here's my attempt...

Not sure I like this one too much, I like the colour combo though. I used 17 mink on all fingers, the taped off my design and painted Sally Hansen insta-dri in uptempo plum, then dotted on Rimmel your majesty, and put tiny dots of uptemp plum in the dots. I'll have to play around with colours and designs to make this one better.
It was also my first time using a nude nail polish!

What do you think of this design?
C x

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Licorice allsorts nails

I was visiting my mum at the weekend, and my stepdad was eating licorice allsorts. I had just ordered some nail caviar online, and the round bobbly (is that a word??) sweets reminded me of it, so I was inspired to create a licorice allsorts mani!

I used this picture (found on google) to get the colours and designs, and used tape and a striping brush to achieve the look :)

Colours used: thumb - Sally Hansen ballet rouges, index - Collection 2000 french white, middle - Sally Hansen yellow kitty, ring finger - Barry M blueberry underneath luxe talons nail caviar, little finger - a mix of Collection 2000 hip hop, ORLY white (no colour on tiny bottle) Sally Hansen yellow kitty and a teeeeeny bit of 17 risky red. All black accents done with Barry M black.

Quite a few gaps that aren't too noticeable in real life

I decided to try a top coat on the caviar, not really a good idea... a lot of the balls lost their colour, but overall still pleased with the look :)

What do you think? Would you have known they were licorice allsorts if I hadn't told you?


Blueberry cupcake

Love these nails!! I love doing accent nails so a lot of the time I will have plain nails with art on just one nail. I've wanted to do cupcake nails for a while, so I thought I'd give it a go :)

Started off with one coat of Barry M blueberry on each nail, then I used barry M shocking pink for the base of the cupcake with stripes of light pink, which I mixed using shocking pink and ORLY white (no name on the tiny bottle), then I used ORLY white for the cupcake icing, 17 risky red for the cherry, and Sally Hansen yellow kitty and ballet rouges, Barry M gelly blueberry and Barry M mint green for the sprinkles :) 
I love the way this came out! 
What do you think? Do you like it as an accent nail or would it look better if all nails were done the same?
C x

Purple stripes

Today I have a free day, and I received a load of new products that I ordered in the post, so I'm having a nail art day!!! 

 (I have no idea why these pictures aren't the right way but I cant seem to fix it!! Also, apologies for the horrible cuticles, I'm a biter but trying to stop!!)

For my little, index and middle fingers I used a base of Collection 2000 french white, then with a striper brush I added stripes of Rimmel marshmallow heaven and Rimmel purple pulse, then a top coat of Sally hansen H insta-dri. On my thumb I painted two coats of marshmallow heaven, and on my ring finger is two coats of purple pulse, both followed by one coat of a silver glitter (no label, but it was from asda in a set of 12), all topped off with insta-dri
I really like these nails, hope you do too :)

Crazy Colours

I decided to do some nail art using some of the colours I got from poundland. I decided on a design (which you can see on my index finger), but then got carried away and decided to do a load of random nails! Here is the mismatched result :)

I used a basecoat of Barry M all in one (basecoat, topcoat and nail hardener), then a base of collection 2000 french white on all nails, I then put a square of Sally Hanson Yellow Kitty, Rimmel Pop Your Pink, Sally Hanson Fairy Teal and Barry M Gelly Blueberry onto my thumb, index and little fingers. I used striping tape and Sally Hanson Insta-Dri Uptempo Plum on my index finger, and I used W7 crackle polish in Earthquake White on my thumb and little finger. My middle finger has a coat of Technic Carnival (which i found on amazon here) and I used my new dotting tools to make a random pattern on my ring ringer :) all topped with a coat of Sally Hanson Insta-Dri topcoat

What do you think? Which design is your favorite?

C x

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


For everyone that lives in the UK and is a fan of nail polish...
I went to boots at the weekend and spent 40 pounds on 13 polishes (I know, I know, I just really couldn't help myself!!)
Then I went to Poundland today... Sally Hanson nail polishes at £1 each!!
Here's what I got :

I always assumed poundland nail polish would be awful
Could not be more wrong, or happier! :D


Gradient and sparkle

My first gradient!!! 

I painted on one coat of Barry M Blueberry ice cream (you'll be seeing a lot of Barry M on this blog by the way, I LOVE them!!), then used a technique I saw on The Nailasaurus (except I used a makeup sponge and didn't mix the colours before applying). I sponged on Barry M Blueberry ice cream, Rimmel Marshmallow heaven and Barry M shocking pink. a Top coat of Sally Hanson Insta-dri, then one coat of Rimmel disco ball (which I'd added a few drops of Rimmel your majesty to) two more coats of sally Hanson, and we're done!
I absolutely love this look and can't wait to experiment with loads of different colours :D
C x

Geometric Berry

I really loved wearing these nails!
I painted a base of Barry M Berry Ice cream, used some striping tape to mark off the shapes, then painted a square of Barry M blueberry ice cream, a square of Barry M shocking pink, and a square of a random unnamed pink shimmer from Asda (I got a set of 12 polishes in the christmas sale for 5 pounds!! There's no brand on the bottle though) then pulled off the tape, painted on a top coat of Sally Hansen insta-dri, and voila!
(By the way, I've not mastered colour accurate pictures yet...)
What do you think of this look?
C x

Red and gold

I did these nails using some striping tape I got for Christmas from my sister-in-law. 
These nails are actually the reason i started reading up on nail art!
When I first got my Christmas present, full of striping tape, fimo sticks, rhinestones, and other goodies, I had no idea what to do with it! But after playing around I became hooked!!

Excuse the paper cut...

Again, not sure of the colours used! and some pretty terrible finishing up!
Much room for improvement!!

C x

Union Jack

I thought I would start off with my first ever attempt at nail art. 
I did these nails for the jubilee in 2012.
Even though these are pretty messy I'm still proud of them :)

Apologies for the awful photo!
I have no idea what polishes i used for these!! sorry!


First ever blog!


I've never blogged before so this is all new to me. 
I'm Charlotte, I'm 22, engaged, third year uni student... and I love nails!! (The ones on my fingers, not the DIY kind!)
After reading a load of nail blogs I've been inspired to start my own!
I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to nails/nail art, so this blog is basically a way for me to document all my nail designs, and a way for me to see how I (hopefully) improve over time :) 

Well, that was harder than it looked... lol!
Anyways, thanks for reading!! 
C x