Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Green Gradient

Hey peeps :)
Today I have a green matte gradient with a splash of glitter :)
I've never used glitter with a matte top coat before, but I like it!!
on to the nails...

You can see on my thumb where I haven't blended it enough, there are noticeable lines which I don't like :( I painted the polish straight onto the sponge so that may have something to do with it..

I used a base of Sally Hansen green tea, then sponged on Sally Hansen fairy teal and Barry M gelly watermelon (such an amazing colour!!!) followed by an unnamed silver glitter and a top coat of Rimmel Matte finish top coat

Also excuse the horrible dry-ness, this cold weather/ super hot central heating is not a good combo for cuticles! I'm going shopping at the weekend so I may have to pick up some lush lemony flutter as I've heard great things :)

What do you think of this look?

C x

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