Thursday, 7 February 2013

To infinity...

...and beyond!!

Today I've done a galaxy mani :) its my first attempt and I'm quite pleased with the results :)
I followed This Youtube tutorial by cutepolish (who has some AMAZING videos! go check her out!!!) but I changed the colours

I really don't like the cross/star on my ring finger lol

My favourite nail is my thumb :)

I used two coats of Barry M black as a base, then used a tiny bit of make up sponge to sponge on (in order) Sally Hansen calypso blue, NYC in a New York Color Minute prince street, Barry M berry ice cream, Barry M bright pink, Rimmel Metal Rush pearly queen, Barry M matt white, then a few dots using a toothpick and a dotting tool in Barry M matt white, followed by a coat of Rimmel disco ball, and all topped off with sally Hansen insta-dri :)

Right hand (not as good as my left lol! It never is!!)

Overall, quite pleased with this mani :) will definitely be doing this one again!!

What do you think?

Thanks :)

C x

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